Thursday, January 12, 2012

Here you are

Sometime roughly around 5 or 6 billion years ago, a star that had lived out a full life died in a blaze of glory.  Its death spewed a whole host of newly-created atoms out into the incredible vastness of space.  The incomprehensibly powerful shock wave from its death triggered the collapse of a huge nearby cloud of mostly hydrogen gas and a proportionally few dust particles not too far away.  The result of that collapse was the formation of a new star and its host of planets.  One of the new atoms created in that fiery furnace was an iron atom, and that iron atom by chance got caught up in the formation of a small lump whirling around the forming proto-star.  That same iron atom is now sitting at the heart of a hemoglobin molecule that is in one of the roughly 30 trillion red blood cells circulating through your body as you read this.  You would not be here today were it not for that cataclysmic explosion in that immensely long-ago universe.  You are literally the stars, and when you look up at the sky, you are the universe contemplating itself.

"...assured by every sun that burns/ The dust to which this flesh shall return/ It is the ancient, dreaming dust of God..."

Fucking bullshit.  People suck.  I was reminded of that when I went driving among them. 

Sorry, little iron atom, that you ended up in a person.  Maybe next go-round you can be part of a slime mold, or something interesting and useful.

Do enjoy the video, though. It's a good song.

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