Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It's effing cold, plus the first SUPER TERRIFIC AMAZING THING

Seriously, here in Sunnyside, the temp dropped into the high 30s last night.  No prob, since I spend 83.64% of my time bitching about the heat and humidity here, right?  EXCEPT the furnace went "queep" and died.  Since the whole AC unit thingy only dates from July 15 (dies irae, dies illa), our first full day inhabiting this lovely patch of Earth somewhere 'twixt Gehenna (in Jerusalem, natch) and Homesick (Yogyakarta, Indonesia), one is a trifle vexed to have to be calling on the AC repair guy.  Really, he should just make a second home here at this little house. (The whole Saga of the AC will be the subject of a future flashback post.)

So, enjoying the inside of the house at 54 degrees, I sit in chilly splendor.  OTOH, it beats the living hell out of normal Sunnyside weather, which is 92 degrees and torrential downpours. 

However, here is today's SUPER TERRIFIC AMAZING THING.  The artist is The Knife, who have taken the Scandinavian art of musical weirdness to stunningly beautiful heights.  The song is "Marble House".  Enjoy its bassy goodness, and this singularly  SUPER TERRIFIC AMAZING video which makes me nostalgic for childhood, even though it (the video, not my childhood) is bittersweet.

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